Danish politician compares Trump to Hitler … and Hitler wins

Alternativ moves to distance itself from tweet

Niels Aalbæk Jensen, a member of the city council of the Sorø municipality for the left wing Alternativ party, compared US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in a tweet, and Hitler came off being the better guy.

“Hitler did not constitute a threat to humanity,” tweeted  Jensen. “Donald Trump and the Republican Party do. They deny the threat of climate change and sabotage all actions to safeguard our survival. The Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in human history.”

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Jensen seemed to be making a clumsy attempt to compare the Holocaust to Trump’s decision last year to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement. Although Jensen has since deleted the tweet, the internet never forgets and several people grabbed a screen shot while it was still up.

Seeking distance
Other Alternativ politicians immediately disavowed the comment and the comparison.

“It’s a really bad argument and I want to distance myself from these statements and rhetoric, which I don’t support,” said Alterntiv MP Roger Matthisen.

Jensen later has since apologised for the incendiary tweet.

“I apologise for the wording of my previous post, which I deleted for the same reason,” he said. “Nazism and climate change do not withstand any comparison.”