LTF gang-member to be deported after high court ruling

Denmark gets tough on gang criminality

Denmark’s High Court has today ruled that a 30-year-old stateless Palestinian from Lebanon can be deported – despite the fact that he has a girlfriend and young child in Denmark.

In allowing the deportation the court took into consideration the fact that although the man came to Denmark when he was 4 years old, he both speaks and understands Arabic as well as having grown up with Arabic customs and norms.

He will not be allowed back into the country for a minimum of six years, reports Politiken.

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Not a goodfella
A member of the Loyal to Familia gang, the verdict was based on the fact that the man had 14 previous convictions – for everything from theft, intimidation of witnesses, grievous bodily harm and weapons possession.

The prosecution argued that the man’s connection with LTF “ … due to a serious conflict with rival gangs that includes murdering each other and attempted murder, has created a climate of public insecurity.”

The High Court has now ruled that this is a factor that should be considered when criminality is committed in connection with gang membership.

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