Roll up! Roll up! Release your pent-up Distortion frustrations by throwing a tomato

Maverick concert organiser continues to provoke and intrigue – in equal measure

Earlier today, Distortion founder and director Thomas Fleurquin offered to fulfil a life-long fantasy of many Vesterbro residents: he invited them to throw tomatoes at him at a public Q&A.

In a tongue-in-cheek rant on Facebook, Fleurquin simultaneously mocked and acknowledged the common gripes Copenhagen residents have with the street-party and festival.

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In the comment section, Fleurquin continued on a slightly more serious note, inviting Vesterbro residents to discuss their complaints and concerns with him about the festival at a Q&A at 17:00 at Lithuania’s Place.

Changes coming this year
The Facebook post is only another response to the efforts from many residents and municipality officials to end the street parties and chaos of Distortion.

To limit the incidences of public urination, Copenhagen Municipality told Distortion organisers they must increase the budget allowance for public toilets by 10 percent – in response, Distortion increased its budgetary bathroom allowance by 25 percent, far surpassing the request of the city.

To address the common noise complaints, Distortion has also created a ‘Silent Discoteker’, which is an event that gives participants headphones rather than relying on deafening speakers.

But is it enough?
It is clear from Fleurquin’s Facebook post as well, as the increased commitment to decreasing festival annoyances, that Distortion organisers are listening to the residents’ complaints.

Yet the nature of the festival itself ensures that public urination and loud music will never disappear completely—not without cancelling Distortion all together.

So, to the Vesterbro residents who are considering whether to attend the Q&A, asking questions may not be productive, but throwing rotten food at the man responsible for the chaos overtaking your city might certainly help them sleep through tonight’s thumping bass.