Heatwave to continue, but not everyone is pleased

Unusual weather sees farmers struggling and fire bans in place

With over 363 hours of sunshine, May ended up smashing the record for being the sunniest month in Danish history, as well as being the warmest May ever.

And according to the latest weather forecasts, the heat and sunshine is set to continue with temperatures lingering in the mid to high-20s this week, with 30 degrees forecast in Copenhagen on Friday.

“This morning will start a little cloudy but it will clear up as the day goes on and the sun will emerge in most areas. The temperatures today are also a little lower than what we’ve been experiencing and will be at 18-23 degrees,” Mette Wagner, a DMI meteorologist, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“Tuesday and Wednesday will be at about 20-25 degrees and at the end of the week temperatures will reach 25-30 degrees.”

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Danish drought?
But while the warm weather has seen Danes flock in droves to the beaches and lakes across the country, not everyone has enjoyed the heatwave. It may sound a little unbelievable perhaps, but Denmark is in a mini drought.

The Danish farmers have been struggling to save their harvests under the blistering heat and lack of precipitation, while others have been forced to shell out significant sums to keep their crops and animals watered.

The dry conditions have also led to 11 municipalities, including Vejle, Randers and Bornholm, introducing a temporary ban on outside barbecues and open fires to reduce the risk of fires breaking out.

Meanwhile, water levels are noticeably lower. At Copenhagen’s Lakes they have sunk by at least half a metre.

No month can compete with May 2018 when it comes to sunshine (photo: DMI)