Native English-speakers sought for film screening in Copenhagen

Movie is made by one of Denmark’s most famous directors

Somebody raised the curtain. Somebody gave a short introduction. Somebody said Giselle, the Peruvian girl at the call centre, wouldn’t come with me. Somebody was wrong.

“Welcome,” said somebody we universally didn’t recognise. “Tonight, you’re going to see a film whose working title is ‘Elizabeth’. As you might notice [you’re not blind], the titles aren’t fully completed, but we hope you enjoy the film and are able to give us your feedback later.”

The year was 1998. The rest, and the remainder of that evening, was … a little bit like Giselle … history.

Goodbye Dickie, hello Danish
“We’re only at a film screening,” I chortled to the lady from Lima. “Fantastic!” And it was true. The credits were barely started never mind completed, and Richard Attenborough had the most distracting ruff.

Less of him, I later wrote, and that Angus Deayton, but more of Daniel Craig – an actor who had recently come to my attention in ‘Our Friends in the North’.  I know … I should have been a casting agent.

Own it like a director
Well, now it’s your turn to sit in the director’s chair and cast your opinion on how it could have been done better.

A film company will later this month be holding a special screening for which they want “native English speakers residing in Copenhagen” to come along and then answer a survey.

The film is set in New York, and it has a world-famous director whose films have won awards at the Berlin International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival as well as BAFTA and Academy Award nominations.

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