Danish News in Brief: Here comes the rain

In other news, politicians once again call for the legalisation of cannabis, VR is set to combat teenage drinking, Nordisk Biografer bans energy drinks and farmers intend to implement changes to help bees

After what has been an incredible period of summer weather in Denmark, things are going to get a little more grey. The forecast is now predicting a cooling in temperatures and a greater likelihood of showers.

Temperatures in the Copenhagen area will fall to the 17-21 degree range and there will be a heightened chance of rain. This Saturday will see the weather go back up to 24 degrees, before going back to sub-20 degree temperatures.

This follows a recordbreaking May that led to the worst drought in Denmark in 10 years.

Parliamentary parties want to monetise cannabis
Five political parties have come out and stated they want Denmark to legalise and sell cannabis. In a joint statement, Alternativet, Enhedslisten, SF, Radikale and Liberal Alliance said that the ban on cannabis has done more harm than good and is a waste of police resources. The parties are suggesting that a move to legalise the substance would help solve issues created by the illegal drug market such as the presence of the biker gangs. Alternativet and SF suggest that cannabis could be sold at pharmacies.

Cinemas stop selling energy drinks to children
Danish cinema chain Nordisk Biografer has announced it will no longer sell high-sugar energy drinks to children at its cinemas. The ban will specifically prohibit the sale of the drinks to those under the age of 16. This comes largely as a response to the growing concerns about children’s intake of sugary products. This keeps in line with the recommendations from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which has said children and pregnant and breastfeeding women should not consume energy drinks.

VR to help combat teenage boozing
Researchers at Syddansk University have announced plans to use virtual reality to try and help teenagers resist social pressures to drink. Danish youths have long been among the heaviest drinkers in Europe, and researchers hope the VR simulation will give them some insight into the relationship between peer pressure and drinking. The researchers have received 2.1 million kroner from TrygFonden to create a virtual reality app.

Farmers to help save bees
The Danish Agriculture and Food Council has announced its intention to improve conditions for wild bees – an increasingly endangered insect. The council, along with farmers, have come up with a list of 10 recommendations for improving conditions to help the bees. “Bees are an important part of nature as they help pollinate crops,” said Martin Merrild, the head of the council.