NorthSide’s capacity to increase following move

Aarhus music festival looking forward to big move to the country

Festival organisers predict the NorthSide festival will only get bigger when it moves location in 2021. It currently welcomes 33,000 guests to Aarhus every June. The move will mark NorthSide’s 10-year anniversary.

Why the move?
John Fogde, the head organiser, contends that increasing the capacity at the new venue at Eskelund by 7,000 guests will allow for access to forest space and larger green areas, which the community can use as well in the off-season.

These changes will allow for more food options and facilities and less queuing to improve overall experiences during the festival.

Bigger and better
The people behind NorthSide are also responsible for other festivals in Denmark such as Tinderbox in Odense. The hope is to make NorthSide even more enjoyable for music fans following the success of their other ventures.

Last weekend, NorthSide welcomed the UK’s own Liam Gallagher as well as Scandi pop royalty Bjork to a sun-soaked weekend of music, which organisers have described as a “great success”.