Museums Corner: 24 hours in Copenhagen – family adventures around the city

Copenhagen is a family-friendly city. Everywhere you see parents with strollers playing with their kids at the local playgrounds, at coffee shops or on their way to one of the many activities the city offers for the entire family.

It can be overwhelming assessing your possibilities, so allow Museums Corner to be your guide on a summer’s day dedicated to indulging your little ones!

09:00 − Local gems in Nørrebro
Start your day off on one of the most vibrant and trendy streets of the neighbourhood: Jægersborggade. In the morning, you can smell pastries being made at the little bakery Meyers Bageri ( Try out Kanelsnurrer, a Danish cinnamon-bun pastry and local favourite. Enjoy breakfast outside and soak up the lively morning atmosphere on the street. Making a start in Jægersborggade is never complete without a visit to Assistensens Kirkegård (, the most famous cemetery of Copenhagen and a popular hangout spot for locals. Stroll through and visit the graves of renowned Dane such as the fairy-tale writer and father of the Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen.

10:00 − Living as a circus artist
Experience some circus magic and trace the steps of clowns and ballerinas at the Circus Museum ( The museum is located a little outside the city, but it is definitely worth the travel. The staff are former circus artists and they will tell you stories about the animals and artists who shaped the history of Danish circus. On the first Sunday of every month, you can try out life as a circus artist and challenge each other in a variety of activities, like learning how to juggle, testing your strength with the trapeze, or walking on a tightrope.

13:00 − Lunch on the pier
On your way to your next cultural experience, stop by La Banchina ( for lunch on the progressive island of Refshaleøen. Let your feet, big or small, take a rest on the pier, facing the sun and Copenhagen Harbour. The restaurant has lots of space to relax and it never gets boring to look at the many amazing ships sailing by. The menu is a simple yet creative mix of seasonal, organic vegetables and fish.

14:00 − All aboard the sub
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep or eat on a big ship or a submarine? Thanks to the National Museum, you can experience life on board three vessels that participated in the Cold War ( Try out the sailors’ bunks, sit in their kitchen and get an insight into their daily lives during what is a fascinating and historical experience for the entire family. The vessels are located at Holmen where the Navy still operates, so you might even see the sailors during their training.

17:00 − Dinner at the aquarium
Not far from Refshaleøen you will find the Blue Planet ( The unique location combined with its stunning architecture creates an all-encompassing experience for the senses. Watch the spectacular feeding of the sharks and let the evening pass by as you discover creatures of every colour and shape from the coral reef to the Arctic. End the day by having dinner at Restaurant Great Tang ( overlooking Øresund. Dine and relax after a long day of adventure.