Partial Recall: Mercedes to call back 2,000 cars in Denmark

The German car manufacturer is set to recall cars all over Europe

The announcement by the German Ministry of Transportation to recall 774,000 Mercedes vehicles across Europe will affect Danish car owners. Around 2,000 Mercedes vehicles will be recalled in Denmark.

“All customers will be informed about the recall via paper, by which we will ask them to arrange a visit to the workshop,” a Mercedes spokesman told DR Nyheder.

Illegal software
The reason for the recall is reportedly due to software in the vehicles that fudged the figures regarding how many emissions were released during testing.

The recall will affect several different Mercedes models including the Vito trucks, the C class sedans and GLC SUVs.

Daimler to challenge claims
Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, argued the claims were disputable and that it would be prepared to challenge them in court.

Daimler will begin recalling the vehicles as soon as an agreement is reached with the German Transport Ministry about how to remove the software.