Air India adds new flight to Delhi-Copenhagen route

The airline has launched its fourth non-stop weekly flight to Copenhagen

Advancements in travel have made it easier and more convenient to travel and see the world over. There also exists a somewhat romantic notion about travelling overnight, whether it be by train, zipping through the countrysides of different lands, or by boat, spending days on the open ocean.

Travel to India in particular has also produced many benefits to the wider world. After all, if it wasn’t for trade between India and Europe, we would never have stumbled upon the deliciousness of India Pale Ale, which was discovered when a consignment of regular ale was delayed in the last 18th century.

An urban myth would also have us believe that the term ‘posh’ (port out starboard home) originated from wealthy travellers between Britain and India having it written on their bookings to ensure they got the better cabins.

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Travelling from Copenhagen to India offers a similarly romantic journey. Watch the sun set in the west from Copenhagen and then barely 12 hours later watch it rise in the east fromNew Dehli courtesy of India Air’s new service between the cities.

The airline recently added a fourth weekly non-stop flight to its route between New Delhi and Copenhagen. This follows the launch of the non-stop flights in September of last year.

This provides travellers and businessmen with even more opportunity to visit India and see what the country has to offer.