Cake wars: supermarket’s effort a sign of growing ‘Islamisation’ in Denmark, MP claims

It seems as if the humble cake has become the new battleground when it comes to making political hay in Denmark

In March last year a photo of the celebratory cake enjoyed by the integration and housing minister, Inger Støjberg, to celebrate the 50th tightening up of the immigration laws went viral and the minister became the butt of internet jokes and international criticism.

Now, another cake seems to have got stuck in the craw of Dansk Folkeparti MP Kenneth Kristensen Berth.

A frosty reception
Supermarket chain Bilka has launched a cake to celebrate Eid, the end of Ramadan, the Muslim period of fasting, reports DR Nyheder. The offending cake has the words ‘Eid Mubarak’ on top.

Barth took umbrage on Facebook on Sunday, posting a picture of the cake and “Nu holder det simpelthen op” (rough translation: “Now enough is really enough”). The MP sees the cake as a clear sign that Denmark is succumbing to Islamisation and that Islam is becoming more and more prominent in the public space.

Chill out!
Bilka, however, seems to have taken the MP’s criticism calmly. In a written reply to DR Nyheder, its press officer Kasper Reggelsen said “Bilka has cakes for every possible occasion. This includes Eid, but there are also Christmas cakes, Valentine’s Day cakes, birthday cakes, cakes celebrating sports events and many others.”

The supermarket also points out that Berth and co are under no obligation to buy the cake.

And not everyone from the right bloc was behind Berth.

“I just can’t understand that anyone can be so small-minded that they get so upset about some Danes who believe in something most Danes don’t – namely Islam – and celebrating a religious holiday by eating cake,” said Jan E Jørgensen from Venstre.

Kenneth Kristensen Berth