Hotel booking startup thriving thanks to its support of good causes

Customers using Goodwings know part of the commission will be donated to charity

Goodwings, a Danish startup hotel booking company, has redirected its entire marketing budget towards supporting charities, encouraging its customers to “not travel more or less; instead, we want you to travel the world better”.

When large companies book accommodation conveniently through the Goodwings website, the startup donates money to 35 charity partners.

Its promise is that “for every booking we send half of our commission to projects that benefit humans and the environment.”

Expedia partnership
With a partner in Expedia, there is plenty of choice, as the portal has 365,000 hotels in its system.

This set-up therefore encourages the charity partners to promote Goodwings. The more people who use the website, the more money they receive.

Aim high
Goodwings currently has 300 affiliated companies who use them exclusively, including Danish design giant Ganni and The Blue Planet aquarium. By 2020 it aims to increase this to 6,000.

It also wants to raise the number of its charity partnerships from 35 to 200 and to expand its reach internationally.

That goal is looking ever more achievable, as Goodwings has already handed over a quarter of a million kroner to charities this month.