World-renowned philosopher to give talk in Copenhagen

Oliver Raassina
June 22nd, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

The IT University of Copenhagen welcomes David Chalmers to a free and public lecture

David Chalmers is set to discuss topics such as human consciousness and artificial intelligence (photo: TED)

One of the world’s leading philosophers and cognitive scientists, David Chalmers, is set to pay his first visit to Denmark, giving an open lecture at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Chalmers has spoken at institutions and universities around the world, discussing topics such as human consciousness and artificial intelligence.

Modern issues
Today, Chalmers’ work is arguably as relevant as ever, with artificial intelligence being a big topic of discussion within several fields of science. Also a prominent author, Chalmers’ works have been both praised and criticised, ensuring his lecture will promote a fair amount of debate.

Chalmers is probably best known for developing the ‘hard problem of consciousness’, which deals with the nature of human consciousness. The theory has proven controversial amongst other philosophers and cognitive scientists such as Daniel Dennett and Stanislas Dehaene.





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