Fixed speed cameras going up on this week

Effort aims to make mark on accident-prone rural roads

This week the first unmanned fixed speed cameras will be mounted along a number of roads across Denmark where the frequency of traffic accidents is particularly high.

Yesterday the first two cameras were set up on Ballerup Byvej and Måløv Parkvej in Måløv, located north of Copenhagen, and will function as a test run.

“The fixed ATK (automatic traffic control) stands will increase traffic safety in Denmark. Experience shows that most drivers slow down when they see there is speed control,” said transport minister, Ole Birk Olesen.

“So the fixed cameras can help improve traffic safety on those stretches the road authorities Vejdirektoratet and the state police have deemed to be especially prone to accidents.”

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20 in total
According to the Transport Ministry, experience from abroad shows that a combination of mobile and fixed speed controls provides the best foundation for curbing speeding.

Another five fixed speeding cameras will be set up over the summer in three locations near Slagelse, Nykøbing Falster and Albertslund, while the rest are expected to be ready by the autumn.

In total, some 20 fixed speed cameras will eventually be established across Denmark, including near Hjørring, Aabybro, Nykøbing Mors, Ringkøbing, Aarhus, Esbjerg and Odense