Government inks new media agreement

Better conditions for digital media and phasing out the DR licence among the main points

The government has teamed up with Dansk Folkeparti party to reveal a new media agreement for the next four years.

The agreement focuses on better conditions for digital media, phasing out the DR licence by 2022, Radio24syv moving to Jutland, and DR getting two new public service TV stations – among other issues.

“The government and Dansk Folkeparti have agreed to scrap the licence and streamline DR. In future, DR will be a culture institution and not the broad media juggernaut it is today,” said the culture minister, Mette Bock.

“The agreement ensures a better balance between state and private media, between the national and regional/local media, between printed and digital media, and between elderly and youth access to media.”

Read the entire agreement here (in Danish) or check out the key points below.