Farmers ask government for help to combat drought

New proposals are being suggested to help the agriculture sector that is struggling as a result of the drought

The unseasonably warm summer weather in Denmark has undoubtedly been a pleasant surprise for many, but not everyone is equally enthused about its effects.

The current drought is the worst in the country in over two decades, and has resulted in farmers asking the government for help, reports Landbrugsavisen.

The agricultural organisation Landbrug & Fødevare is seeking help in the form of bringing forward agricultural subsidies rather than dipping into taxpayer’s money. The subsidies are usually paid out in December, but the organisation believes there is no reason why they can’t be paid out earlier.

More water
Martin Merrild, head of Landbrug & Fødevare, emphasised that the organistion is not just out for additional public money.

“We’re not here standing cap-in-hand; we would rather get help so we can help ourselves,” he said.

The organisation has also asked permission from the municipalities to be able to use more water for irrigation than is usually permitted.

Record number of wildfires
The issues faced by the agricultural sector are not the only problems that have emerged due to the drought.

Since May, there have been over 800 reported wildfires which is significantly higher than the average of 375 during the period 2013-2017, reports DR Nyheder.

This is despite the ban on open fires now in effect across the entire country, which resulted in bonfires being banned on Skt Hans Eve.