Danish employees prefer older bosses

A boss who can inspire and motivate was found to be the most important factor, according to a new report

According to a report released by the recruiting firm Randstad, Danish employees prefer their superiors to be older than them.

The report, which was published today, surveyed employees from 34 countries across the world.

Inspiring leadership most important
The data revealed that 58% of Danish workers would prefer their boss to be older than them, but ultimately the most important factor was whether their boss was inspiring and motivating.

Some 88% said that age had no significant bearing, as long as their boss was able to inspire and motivate them.

Leadership for the future 
Nima Astanehdost, Administrative Director at Randstad, emphasised the importance of strong leadership – both now and in the future – for the labour market.

“The report shows that employees want a leader that can inspire them and that, I think, will become even more important in the future as the new generation enter the labour market,” he said in a press release.

“Right now it’s an employees’ market and a lot suggests that it will continue this way in the future. At the same time, new generations are entering the job market and it is important that their bosses are able to inspire and motivate them and give them feedback,” Astanehdost added.