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Experimentally exhausting – can’t be done in an hour!

The new Experimentarium in Hellerup offers a whole day of entertainment

09:31: ”Hi darling, just wanted to let you know that we got here at 09:30 as planned – easy to find from Hellerup Station. I don’t think we’ll be much longer than an hour, so we’ll see you at 11 for coffee!”

10:47: “We’re not going to make coffee. Young Jasper took one look at the ball-bearings on a rail contraption and he was off. I’ve never seen him look so excited. He’s still there now, scoring points for all the balls he can collect. At least he seems to understand the rules. And Tom and Sarah have been cycling, hopping, playing stepping stones and testing their reactions, strength and agility in every way possible. And we’re not even finished on the first floor. Restaurant at 1 looking more likely now.”

13:13: “We’re still on the first floor, I’m afraid. Once Jasper found out about the hopping, cycling and the rest, he wanted to try them all, and the others didn’t seem to mind. We’ll get something at the canteen. Seriously, 3 o’clock for coffee – I’ll drag ‘em out if I need to.”

14:55: “I’ve never seen the kids so fascinated. Even Jasper is reading most of the scientific explanations. Every time I suggest it’s time to move on, we find something that everyone wants to do – yeah … me included. Like did you know I have an amazing heartbeat recovery time, and the fitness of somebody aged 32! Next up is a team challenge on observation skills.”

16:55: “We’re on the roof! Games galore up here and what a view! The place closes in five minutes, so I guess this is finally it. Although I hear they’re opening a luxury cinema up here so next year we can stay even longer. The kids are tired as hell, but they’re already talking about coming back! And Jasper says he wants to be a nuclear physicist. Time to head down the insane spiral stairway.”