Danish minister reveals his bisexuality

Tommy Ahlers said he’s done hiding from the public

In an interview with Euroman magazine, Denmark’s education and research minister, Tommy Ahlers, has revealed that he is bisexual.

Ahlers, who was appointed minister in May, said he decided to speak out about his sexuality because his position as minister means there is more interest in his private life.

“When people mention that they’ve heard rumours [that he is gay], I explain to them that they are not rumours, because there is absolutely no fiction involved,” Ahlers told Euroman.

“It’s true. But the truth is that I’ve also realised that I like men and women.”

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Getting it out there
Ahlers has two children from a marriage that ended in 2012 and following the divorce, he believed himself to be completely gay – but at some point he realised that he was also attracted to women.

The minister said that he made the announcement about his sexuality because it was important to him to make sure that people didn’t think he was hiding anything.

Ahlers has been a member of the government’s Disruption Council and came to prominence as an entrepreneur and joint founder of the mobile backup site ZYB, which was sold to Vodafone for 50 million dollars in 2008. He has since been one of the judges on the DR TV version of the program ‘Dragon’s Den’.