Local News in Brief: Hotel jumper a victim of sex scam

In other news, the peril continues with a suspected murder in Christiania and escalator accident at Central Station

A man who jumped out of a third-floor window at an Østerbro hotel on July 18 to escape two male assailants was most probably set up by a woman who had taken him there ostensibly to have sex, reports fyens.dk.

The man, who escaped serious injury despite breaking some bones in his back, apparently decided to jump after his assailants continued to menace him despite him coughing up 3,000 kroner.

Assailants still at large
He sustained a blow to his head and chest before deciding to take his chances with the seven-metre drop at Hotel Østerport, which is located close to Østerport Station.

A 36-year-old woman was later arrested and charged with committing the robbery. She remains in custody – for at least another week – but her accomplices are still at large.

Three held following suspected murder near Christiania
Three people have today been arrested at Christmas Møllers Plads in Christianshavn in connection with a suspected murder close to Christiania last night. Copenhagen Police this morning cordoned off a large area on the border between Amager and Christianshavn after the discovery of a body at around 07:00. The arrests were carried out by officers wearing white overalls to ensure potential DNA samples weren’t contaminated. No further information is yet known about the victim.

Rats, algae … what’s next?
At first it was water-borne rats closing the capital’s swimming areas. And now more recently it has been algae that irritate the skin and cause unsightly rashes. But following municipal warnings in the capital region, bathers have again been given the all-clear to use bathing spots such as Svanemøllen Beach. Nevertheless, the blue-green algae in question, which has floated in from the Baltic Sea, remains a concern to the authorities – particularly at a time when bathing is in heavy demand due to the ongoing heatwave, which looks set to continue with temperatures in the high 20s until Saturday despite a short deluge this morning.

Escalators shut at Central Station following accident
Rail passengers are advised to arrive in good time for their trains at Copenhagen Central Station following a decision to shut down all the escalators following an accident on Sunday that injured four people, of whom three were non-Danes. On busy platforms today, such as 5 and 6 where passengers from the airport alight, hundreds waited patiently for up to ten minutes to use the solitary stairway to exit. A ten-year-old Finnish girl was the worst injured when a loosened metal rail hit her, her father and two others on Sunday, and checks that began on Tuesday have revealed faults with four more of the escalators. The inspections were long overdue, concedes DSB.

Harbour route a success
Havneringen, a 13 km-long route following the perimeter of a large section of Copenhagen Harbour, which was officially opened in May 2016, has led to a 75 percent rise in the number of cyclists choosing to cycle next to the water, according to the 2018 Copenhagen City Cycling Report. Pedestrian numbers, meanwhile, have risen 200 percent – reason enough, decided Borgerrepræsentationen last November, to commission an extension of Havneringen to reach as far as Refshaleøen, Holmen and Nordhavn. Teknik- og Miljøudvalget will assess the plans in the autumn.