Roasting city sees demos supporting and opposing recently enacted ‘Burqa Ban’

Ben Hamilton
August 2nd, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

Hundreds rally to decry what they see as an erosion of civil liberties, while others celebrate what they feel is a long overdue measure

Ever marveled at how sticky those runners in the London Marathon dressed up as Batman must get? Well, to be fair, temperatures rarely exceed 15 degrees as the event always takes place in April.

The participants in yesterday’s march against the ban on face veils such as burqas or niqabs, which officially came into force on August 1, had no such luxury.

Braving temperatures close to 30 degrees, they donned horse heads, feather tiaras and all manner of absurd headgear to draw attention to a law they deem  equally as crass – not only does it invade our civil liberties, they argue, but it also bans people from wearing face masks and false beards.

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“No racists on our streets” if you please
Den Sorte Plads in Nørrebro was the launching pad for yesterday evening’s demonstration and up to 400 people showed up to voice their support.

Among the organisers were Party Rebels, Socialistisk Ungdomsfront and Kvinder i Dialog, attracting a truly diverse crowd that included a fair number of Muslim women in traditional attire, alongside many more who were not.

Together the participants marched to Bellahøj, shouting slogans such as “Ingen racister i vores gader” (“No racists on our streets”).

There was also a demonstration in Aarhus.

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Counter demo short on numbers, rich in satire
Elsewhere, Foreningen For Frihed staged a counter-demonstation at Israels Plads in the city centre, where Dansk Folkeparti’s immigration and integration spokesperson, Martin Henriksen, addressed those present.

Henriksen received a gift (see main photo) from the organisation for his troubles: a “satirical” drawing depicting a Muslim woman wearing a niqab who following the ban is rendered naked.

According to DR, there were approximately 50 people in attendance, including a Muslim woman who told the broadcaster that “it is nowhere stated in the Koran that women should wear burqas or niqabs”.


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