Denmark’s hottest ever day predicted for Wednesday

Forecasters predict the southeastern part of the country could see temperatures exceed the 1975 mark of 36.4 degrees

There’s no disputing this has been the hottest summer for decades. Not since 1976 has the grass been this yellow in northern Europe.

The records have been falling steadily in Denmark. We’ve had the warmest May and the sunniest July, including one day on which it reached 33.1 degrees.

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And now it would appear that August might oblige with the ultimate benchmark: Denmark’s hottest ever day.

Rain to follow on Thursday
Set in August 1975, the current record is 36.4 degrees, and Wednesday has the credentials to present an almighty challenge, with the southeast of the country the most likely to come through as warm air pushes up from the continent.

Generally across Denmark we can expect temperatures of 33 degrees, as the thermometer continues rising from the relatively fresh 25-degree day in store for us on Monday, on to 30 on Tuesday.

And as the weather forecast for the southeast of the country indicates (above) – it’s not often we see 40 degrees marked out on one of these graphs! – quite a lot of rain is expected to fall later in the week.

Forecasters flat on their faces
One word of warning: so far across Europe the weather hasn’t produced the goods when the forecasters have predicted records – and no, we’re not talking about the Biblical kind often promised by the UK’s Daily Express and Denmark’s TV2 News.

In late July, the UK was bracing itself for its hottest ever day, but then it rained. And last week, Portugal and Spain were all set to eclipse Greece’s European record – but fell a long way short in the end.

But given the summer we’ve had, it would probably be fitting if Wednesday delivered the goods. And who knows, maybe it will only hold onto its record for a matter of days, let alone decades.