Invasive crabs scuttling across Denmark

Aggressive and territorial ‘foreigners’ showing up in more areas

Two invasive crab species, the brush-clawed shore crab and the Asian shore crab, are spreading more across Denmark, according to the Miljøstyrelsen environment authority.

This year, there have been more sightings of the crabs, which are more territorial and aggressive than the resident shore crabs in Denmark and thus more dominant in the struggle for food.

The crabs were first spotted in Denmark in 2011 near Rømø and have since been documented along the western coast and in Limfjorden.

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Report a crustacean
Both crabs are smaller than Denmark’s resident shore crab and are distinguished by their shields being squarer and their eyes being much further apart. Another invasive crab causing trouble in Denmark is the Chinese mitten crab.

To get a better overview and report sightings of the invasive crabs, the public can access Miljøstyrelsen’s portal for invasive species (in Danish).

Anyone reporting the sighting of an invasive species is required to attach a photo of the crab in question so that the observation can be confirmed.