Copenhagen Pride to boycott US reception

LGBT community not looking to legitimise Trump administration

The new US administration’s policy towards LBGT people has raised hackles with a number of groups taking part in Copenhagen Pride Week.

One of the most eagerly-anticipated events during Copenhagen Pride Week used to be the reception hosted by the previous US ambassador, Rufus Gifford, at the residence in Charlottenlund.

The new ambassador, Carla Sands, took over in 2017 and she has now officially sent out an invitation to a Pride reception on August 15. However, a number of the bodies associated with Pride Week are unhappy – including Copenhagen Pride.

Some have decided to boycott the event, reports Out & About.

Double standards, says Copenhagen Pride
The organisation’s press officer Thomas Rasmussen did not mince his words.

“I’m not surprised there are organisations who are considering whether to take part,” he said.

“It can easily sound pretty hollow if on the one side you criticise the Trump administration for their reluctance to accommodate LGBT people and the rolling back of LGBT-positive legislation, and at the same time stand around drinking champagne with the ambassador who represents that administration,” he said.

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No endorsement, says LGBT Denmark
Rasmussen confirmed that Copenhagen Pride will not be taking part, but emphasised that other organisations would have to make their own decision.

LGBT Denmark has also decided to follow Copenhagen Pride’s lead and boycott the arrangement.

“We don’t want to rubber-stamp the Trump Administration’s backward-looking rolling back of LBGT rights by our presence,” said their spokesperson Peder Holk Svendsen.

Like her predecessor, Sands has signed up to take part in the big Copenhagen Pride parade this year – although it is unsure in what capacity.