Possible measles scare in Copenhagen Airport

Dane contagious when he flew home from the Philippines

There’s a possible measles scare unfolding in Denmark following the revelation that a Dane returning home from holiday in the Philippines had measles, was contagious and may have infected others on his flight and at Copenhagen Airport.

The airport has issued a warning to anyone who might have been in the airport’s transit area, baggage delivery area or arrival hall on Monday August 6 between 08:30 and 09:30 that they should be aware of the symptoms of the highly-contagious infectious disease.

The Dane, who took a taxi directly to the hospital, was also contagious during his flight home, which also included a stopover in Hong Kong.

“If you are not vaccinated or have had measles before, you should see a doctor to evaluate whether you can be offered treatment that can prevent or ease the illness,” the state serum institute, SSI, wrote according to TV2 News.

SSI on the hunt
SSI has contacted the airlines involved to obtain a passenger manifesto of the flights the Dane was on in order to inform other passengers about the situation.

There have been no cases of measles in Denmark since last year and the disease is very rare in the country.