Peter Madsen to switch prisons following attack

Murderer’s new home will mostly house hardened criminals undergoing treatment

Peter Madsen, the submariner who murdered journalist Kim Wall in August 2017, will be allowed to leave his current home, Storstrøm Prison, once a room at Herstedvester Prison becomes available, his lawyer Betina Hald Engmark has told BT.

Madsen was attacked last week on Wednesday at Storstrøm, a penal institution for mostly ordinary criminals, by an 18-year-old man. Madsen was not seriously injured.

Most undergoing treatment
At Herstedvester, in contrast, most of the 150 inmates are undergoing some form of treatment. Most are serving long sentences for serious crimes such as murder, serious violence or rape.

Madsen’s appeal against the length of his sentence is due to start on September 5 at the Østre Landsret eastern high court.