Socialdemokratiet back stringent measures towards refugees

Several parties are jockeying for position to secure the approval of voters in the upcoming election, and foreigners and refugees are once again in the firing line

A newly-drafted nine-point program from the government and Dansk Folkeparti aimed at sending home people with temporary refugee status living in Denmark has the support of Socialdemokratiet, reports Politiken.

The newspaper has gone over the program with Mattias Tesfaye, Socialdemokratiet’s spokesperson for immigration and integration, and by and large the party supports most of the measures.

Repatriation rather than integration
First and foremost, Socialdemokratiet agrees that when there is peace in a country the focus ought to be on finding ways to repatriate this kind of refugee rather than integrating them in Denmark, as has been the focus hitherto.

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“We think it is right and proper to regard this group as something special and something where the primary focus ought to be on them going home,” said Tesafaye.

Since temporary residency status for certain types of refugees was introduced in 2015, the latest figures show that 4,500 people have been given permits.

Tesfaye would like to see Socialdemokratiet included in future discussions regarding these areas, along with the government and Dansk Folkeparti.

Sign – then get out
Among the other measures on which common ground has been found are the idea that weight should not be placed on any attachment to Denmark built up by refugee children of any age for the first five years of their stay when it comes to deciding whether to revoke their residence permit – unless it would be contrary to the child’s interest or Denmark’s international obligations.

The new proposals would also require a refugee to sign a declaration to the effect that they understand the protection offered by living in Denmark is temporary and that they have a duty to return to their homeland when conditions there change.

Municipalities would also be relieved of the obligation to find permanent homes for refugees with temporary protection status.

A financial incentive
There are also financial carrots as well as proposed legislative sticks. The amount payable to people being repatriated to several countries including Syria would be raised by 20,000 kroner to 156,543 kroner for refugees with temporary protection status if they are repatriated within three years and before they seek family reunification.

On top of that, if a refugee with temporary protection status gives up his right to family reunification, 1,000 kroner per family member per month would be paid out – with a maximum of two persons per family.