Denmark now a net oil importer

The oil and gas fields in the North Sea are beginning to run low

According to figures released by Denmark’s energy agency Energistyrelsen, 2017 was the last year when more oil was produced than was used on the Danish domestic front. From now on, Denmark will have to get used to being a net oil importer.

At least the gas scene looks a bit brighter – here, it is predicted that Denmark will be a net exporter until around 2035 except for a single year when the rigs in the Tyra field are renovated.

Scaling down
Denmark has been a net exporter of oil and gas since 1993 – the last one in the EU for most of this decade.

The energy agency has scaled down future oil production by 8 percent compared to last year’s forecast. On top of that, it is expected that the utilisation of several fields and finds of oil and gas will be postponed, while the renovation of the Tyra rigs will mean a fall in production during 2020 and 2021.

As of January 2018, oil reserves and potential reserves were estimated at 139 million cubic metres – which is enough for 18 years’ consumption.

When it comes to gas, resources are estimated to be 72 billion normal cubic metres, which equates to 30 years’ gas supply.