Government unveils 2019 budget proposal

More money for the elderly, vulnerable children and sustainability amongst the main budget points

The finance minister Kristian Jensen today revealed the government’s 2019 budget proposal entitled ‘Greater safety and more togetherness’.

Billions of kroner have been set aside to strengthen areas such as welfare, climate, education, agriculture, nature and the labour market.

“Because we have a handle on Denmark’s economy, the government can prioritise new initiatives in selected areas. The healthy economy will be used to create an even safer and closer Denmark, where we invest in the core welfare of children, youth, adults and elderly, and where we ease taxes and create a greener Denmark,” said Jensen.

A central aspect of the plan involves earmarking 4.2 billion kroner for welfare, including for the elderly and socially vulnerable, reducing administrative processing times, for children, youth and for a better and more connected public sector.

There is also the promise of a new massive health proposal being rolled out sometime this autumn.

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Mean and green
An additional 1 billion kroner will be set aside over the next four years for initiatives aimed at making Denmark greener by boosting nature, the climate and the environment. A climate proposal will also be presented in the not-too-distant future.

Another billion kroner will be set aside to protect the Danish west coast against flooding and erosion ahead to 2024, while the government also intends to ease fees such as on electricity taxes for summer houses.

A further 600 million kroner has been reserved for better education and a more robust labour market – including a forthcoming business education proposal. Following up on the work from the Disruption Council also comes under that scope.

Funds will also continue to support the development of Denmark’s rural areas, including an agriculture sector that has languished through the drought this summer.

Read more about the proposal here (in Danish).