Small Danish business not ready for a hard Brexit

Dansk Erhverv issues list of guidelines to help them prepare for the worst

According to Dansk Erhverv administrative director Brian Mikkelsen, small Danish businesses are not well prepared to trade with Britain in the case of a hard Brexit on 1 March 2019.

If a Brexit deal does not happen before March 2019, when Britain is set to leave the EU, he fears that Danish businesses will not be able to cope.

Hoping for a deal
Mikkelsen, the former minister for trade and industry, is still hoping that Britain will make a deal with EU before the deadline, but just in case Dansk Erhverv has compiled a list of 18 guidelines for Danish businesses that want to continue trading with Britain.

The guidelines are divided into different subjects regarding tariffs, future trade, restrictions and insurance.

The guidelines take the small businesses through a number of scenarios that might arise should there be no deal.