Tomorrow’s world has arrived at the Techfestival

Find out more about how technology and AI affect humans in the future and the way we learn, live, build our cities, play and create and do our work?

Was there a time when “Welcome to Tomorrow’s World” was an everyday phrase? It sounds a line from a silly movie, doesn’t it, or from an audacious press launch for a high-street product that would be outdated by the time you got home from the shops.

Today, though, the popular wisdom is that tomorrow is here, and nowhere is that more apparent in Copenhagen right now than at the five-day Techfestival, which opened its doors at numerous venues in the meatpacking district today.

Go down to Kødbyen in Vesterbro and it will be impossible to miss

Jam-packed program
Some 16,000 like-minded people, but not Luddites or reactionaries, will be gathering to discuss the future and get new insight into what it will be like.

The festival will include 200 events, talks and activities, while the program is jam-packed from 08:00 until 20:00 with keynote speakers and open-air talks delivered by experts from the US and EU.

Events include  ‘How can we make products more sustainably?’ and ‘How does the feminist internet develop equality and justice for all online?’ and access to them all costs 200 kroner.