Fish oil during the last trimester increases children’s weight, claims study

Experts question whether the intake simply lengthens the pregnancy

Six-year-old children whose mothers regularly consume fish oil during the last trimester of their pregnancy are 0.4 kg heavier than average, according to a new Danish study published in the British Medical Journal.

Additionally, the children had better muscle mass, bigger bones and had a lower risk of getting asthma, claims the study into children’s growth, which has 30 million kroner of funding thanks to Lundbeckfoden.

The study fed 368 pregnant women fish oil, and another 368 pregnant woman a placebo.

Experts urge further study
However, experts question whether the results are caused by the fish oil ensuring the pregnancy lasts longer.

“It would be more interesting to see if in fact it is the extra fish oil that has an effect or it is the longer time in the womb that makes the children larger,” asked  Camilla Trab Damsgaard, a lecturer in children’s nutrition.

Meanwhile, Hans Bisgaard, the founder of Dansk BørneAstma Center, suggests that bigger children is not synonymous with better health and that more study is needed in the area.