No more futsal ‘bale’ outs: Denmark to field full-strength team against Wales

Bookmakers relieved as odds on a Wales win are lengthened again

Denmark will field a full-strength team in its UEFA Nations League match against Wales on Sunday in Aarhus.

The DBU football association yesterday reached an agreement with the players’ union, but the conflict is not resolved.

Old terms in place
The compromise means the players’ commercial rights will continued to be handled in the way they were under the previous contract, which expired on August 1.

The players would like more freedom to sign personal deals.

Punters disappointed
The news might disappoint the thousands of punters who have piled onto Wales in the belief that Denmark would field another team made up of amateurs and futsal specialists.

However, Wales comfortably beat the Republic of Ireland 4-1 last night, so they might still collect on their bets.