Local News in Brief: Country’s most expensive incinerator closes down indefinitely

In other news, it’s the final goodbye for Prince Henrik, but not so for Nicklas Bendtner, as he was provoked into hitting a taxi driver, claims his girlfriend

Denmark’s most expensive, eco-friendly and well-known incineration facility, Amager Bakke, has closed down its electricity and heat production indefinitely due to a design fault, Amager Ressource Center (ARC) has confirmed. The incinerator, whose ski slope and smoke rings have become a fixture of the Copenhagen skyline, has since last year been producing heat and electricity for citizens in five Greater Copenhagen municipalities. ARC is busy trying to work the problems out.

Bendtner’s girlfriend claims he was acting in self-defence
Nicklas Bendtner’s girlfriend has claimed he was acting in self-defence when he got into an altercation with a taxi driver on Saturday night, which left the DanTaxi employee with a broken jaw. Philine Roepstorff claimed on Instagram that the driver provoked Bendtner after they refused to pay for a ride in which they were twice taken in the wrong direction. The driver, claims Roepstorff, called her a whore and a bitch before throwing a bottle at them and running towards them. Bendtner was arrested on Sunday and charged with common assault. This is not the first time that Bendtner has been charged by the police, as he has several driving convictions. In 2011, he was accused of assault twice (in the UK and Sweden) but never charged.

Den Korte Weekendavis from Radio 24syv is moving stations
The award-winning satire program ‘Den Korte Weekendavis’ (formerly called Den Korte Radioavis) is moving radio stations from Radio24syv to Den2radio, which intends to broadcast it every day. The program’s main character, Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm (played by Frederik Cilius), wrote on her Twitter profile: “Radio24syv can kiss my ass.”

Huge fire at scrap dealer’s in Copenhagen
A huge fire broke out at a scrap dealer near Christiania, sending huge clouds of black smoke into the capital’s atmosphere. Located on Prøvestenen or Benizin Island off Amager, a pile of rubber, plastic and light metal caught fire. Firefighters elected to let the fire burn out instead of extinguishing it with water. Fortunately the smoke caused no damage, avoiding all of the capital’s residences and made its way over to Sweden.

Henrik’s ashes laid to rest
The ashes of Prince Henrik, who died on February age 83, have been scattered in two places in accordance with the queen’s late husband’s wishes. Some of the ashes were dispersed at Fredensborg Castle and the rest in Danish waters.