Multiple terror and gang arrests in Copenhagen

Two are suspected of supplying drone equipment to IS, while 19 gang members are in custody in relation to the ongoing civil war in the capital region

An operation co-led by Copenhagen Police and PET yesterday arrested two people in the Danish capital who are suspected of being part of the Danish-based network acquiring drone equipment and sending it to Islamic State in the Middle East.

The pair have been charged with “participation in attempts at terrorism”, and a police tweet confirmed the charges are connected to “procurement and facilitation of objects – including drones – from Denmark to Islamic State”.

IS has been using drone equipment since 2016, and last year two men based in Denmark were charged with buying and sending drone equipment to the terror group.

It is believed the police searched a number of addresses around Copenhagen yesterday, and that the arrested pair will appear in court this morning.

Suspected gang members arrested
It has been a busy couple of days for the police in the capital region, as it emerged on Wednesday that officers arrested 11 people during the previous night in relation to the ongoing gang civil war.

According to DR, which has sources close to the conflict, several key Brothas gang members were among those who appeared before a court yesterday.

Another seven men were arrested on Monday and charged with participating in the assault on a hairdresser in Nørrebro on September 16.

It is believed that all 18 suspects, plus one other ‘double-locked doors’ serious case, will remain in custody for at least 20 days.