Concert Preview and Q&A: Baring everything with Norwegian popstar Dagny

Norwegian singer Dagny makes music that’s lighthearted with a real soul.

The genre is pop and you might know her hit about that special someone who makes her feel like ‘Wearing Nothing’.

Her debut single, ‘Backbeat’, made it to an episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

After growing up in Tromsø she moved to London a few years back and has also toured the states with her music.

We had a chat ahead of her co-headlining tour at Pumpehuset on October 28.

CPH POST: How do you remain original when there are so many outside influences?

Dagny: That’s a very good question. I think for me a lot of the inspiration I get is from older music – I listen to a lot of music that isn’t necessarily very current. I don’t think I necessarily keep up to date with what’s trendy or what’s super cool at the moment. The most important thing for me is to follow my gut. When I’m in session or studio, I focus on if this is something I think is exciting. When you write music that moves you, which you are really excited about – that’s the biggest chance that someone else is going to feel it too.

CPH POST: Your parents are both musicians – how much do our parents influence us?

Dagny: I think a lot of people – including myself – thought one day I’d wake up and be interested in jazz or the music I grew up with. I think they have inspired me in the way that I see what it’s like to be a musician: how hard you have to work, how you can never give up. And I saw that they were making music out of a pure love for music. It was never about being popular or being recognised, it was always about the joy of music. That inspired me a lot.

CPH POST: We all have to collaborate, for example in work or in school – but how do you collaborate while baring your soul in the songwriting process?

Dagny: This is something I’ve really been conscious of lately, because what it comes down to when writing with other people is the chemistry and the energy. I feel most writers go to the studio like it’s a free space where you go to talk about all the things that are bothering you or you are really excited about – whatever it is that you have on your mind. And people are usually open to those kinds of conversations and trying to turn that into something. For all the sessions you do where you end up with something you didn’t necessarily love, you still learn something.

Dagny is co-headlining with Lemaitre at Pumpehuset on October 28. Secure your ticket via this link