Ode to a legend: Tens of thousands of Danes hail Kim Larsen

A unique and emotional show of respect to a man who united Danes across class and generation

Tens of thousands of Danes hit the streets tonight to hail the most popular Danish musician of the modern age, Kim Larsen, who passed away aged 72 on Sunday.

The big crowds turned up in Copenhagen and Odense (where he lived for many years up until his death) to march and sing along to the tunes of his many classic hits.

Police in Copenhagen estimated that upwards of 30,000 people of all ages left their homes to show their love for Larsen, whose music knew no generational boundaries.

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Hele Danmark’s Kim
Grandfathers and teenage girls; CEOs and social workers; pop fans and metal heads – age, rank, class, tastes and regions may divide the Danes.

But regardless of their walk of life, their one common denominator is their admiration of Kim Larsen and his music, unwavering principles and life.

Tonight, Denmark turned up one last time for Kim.

All photos: Hasse Ferrold