Danish government launches huge climate proposal

More stringent environmental zones, banning new diesel and petrol cars by 2030, cheaper electric cars and lower ammonia emissions among the 38 initiatives

The government took a hard look at the climate challenge currently facing the world today by ushering in a new climate proposal that includes a number of initiatives aimed at making Denmark climate-neutral by 2050.

The strategy, ‘Sammen om en grønnere fremtid’ (together for a greener future), contains 38 points such as cleaner air in big cities, banning old diesel cars, cheaper electric cars, more environmentally-friendly cruise ships and better climate research.

“Denmark needs to maintain its position as a green pioneer. By setting new standards for climate and environment we will inspire others to act and influence the development in Europe and beyond,” said the energy and climate minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Read more about the 38 initiatives of the proposal here (in Danish).