Trial of Dane accused of murdering Nigerian wife and child underway in Lagos

Peter Nielsen accused of killing pop star partner and their three-year-old daughter

The trial of Peter Nielsen, the Dane accused of murdering his Nigerian wife Zainab and their daughter Petra earlier this year, is underway in Lagos, and the prosecution has wasted no time in building its case.

First witnesses
Seeking to prove there was a history of violence in the relationship, they brought a witness to the stand on the opening day who testified to how Zainab Ali-Nielsen, a popular singer better known as Alizee, had reported her husband had threatened to kill her last year.

However, a witness on Day 2, a housemaid to the family, testified she had never witnessed any violence in the relationship.

The maid recalls having a night of uninterrupted sleep during the night of 5 April 2018, when Zainab Nielson, 37, and Petra Nielson, 3, were killed.

But she testified that one of Zainab Nielsen’s other children told her the couple had been arguing during the night, and that the defendant had bruising on his forehead and hand when he emerged from his room that morning.

Strong forensic evidence
It is believed the prosecution will seek to prove that Nielsen killed his wife in a fight that broke out at about 03:00 and then poisoned his daughter Petra.

He is then accused of placing their bodies near the gas stove and turning it on in a bid to make it look like their deaths were an accident.

Police have said there is overwhelming forensic evidence linking Nielsen to the murders.