Miniseries about Madsen murder to be made in collaboration with victim’s parents

Acclaimed screenwriter Tobias Lindholm is on board to provide the script and direct a drama that will focus more on the investigation than the killing

Ingrid and Joachim, the parents of the murdered Swedish journalist Kim Wall, have endorsed and contributed to a screenplay depicting the investigation into their daughter’s death, which is being written by the acclaimed Swedish filmmaker and screenwriter Tobias Lindholm.

The screenplay for the miniseries – which will be called ‘The Investigation’ and produced by Miso Film in collaboration with CMore, Sweden’s TV4 and Denmark’s TV2 – will focus on the investigation, mainly seen through the eyes of the chief Danish investigator of the murder, Jens Möller.

Close collaboration
“We decided early not to let Kim be forgotten, and throughout this time we have worked closely with Jens Möller,” said Kim Wall’s parents in a joint statement.

“Our conversations with Jens and Tobias Lindholm have assured us that the story of the investigation of the killing of Kim will be told from the right perspective and with respect for everyone who loved and cared for Kim.”

Lindholm – who recently wrote and directed two episodes of the acclaimed Netflix series ‘Manhunter’ after earning his breakthrough with scripts for DR juggernaut ‘Borgen’ and Oscar-nominated film ‘Jagten’ – also had the full co-operation of Jens Möller.

“The co-operation with Jens Möller, and with Ingrid and Joachim Wall, is therefore absolutely crucial,” said Lindholm.

Madsen won’t feature much, if at all
It might be a relief to many that Peter Madsen will not have a central role in the miniseries – or even be depicted, although it is early days and the script is still in development.

“I do not want to make a crime series that focuses on the perpetrator or the crime,” explained  Lindholm.

“Instead, I’m interested in the process of the investigation – and the people who have to live on and deal with the impact of the crime. It is therefore a deliberate decision that the perpetrator will not be shown in the series. ”

Production is expected to start in 2019.