Indian spiritual leader, Amma, visits Demark to give more hugs

Amma will visit Copenhagen between October 23 – 24 where you can join her for spiritual lessons and help spread compassion throughout the world

It would seem to many that the world is becoming more divided and the gaps between us grow more laborious to bridge every day. Most of us are aware of this, concerned about what future trials this shift may present.

However, it is seldom often someone truly strives to bring people together. Mata Amritanandamayi, more commonly known as Amma, stands as a symbol of what compassion and community can do to better the world.

Amma is a spiritual leader from India known for her humanitarianism and spiritual teachers. She also authored many important books such as ‘Compassion: The Only Way to Peace’ and ‘The Eternal Truth’.

More than hugs
Since 2005, Amma and her NGO, Embracing The World, have donated 75 million US dollars to disaster relief, built more than 51,000 homes for homeless and helped more than 100,000 women in starting their own businesses. These represent but just a few of her achievements.

Amma will come to Denmark between October 23 – 24 to spread compassion by giving out hugs, of which she has given 38 million across the world, conduct peace ceremonies (Puja) and practice guided meditation.

The event will be free and take place at Brøndby Hallen, where these will be traditional Indian and Danish food. For further information, you can visit, where you can find the program and read more about Amma.