Several new radar speed traps vandalised in Denmark

The cameras of 5 out of 20 new radar traps were damaged by vandals all across Denmark

Several new speed traps have recently been the target of vandals. Due to the cameras of two main stations located on Grenåvej in Aarhus smashed this weekend and three more stations damaged in Måløv and Albertslund last week, a total of 5 out of 20 boxes are now out of order.

Annoying but not surprising
The Danish road directorate reacted with annoyance, but was not overly surprised by the incidents. Directorate spokesperson, Marianne Foldberg Steffensen, told TV2: “Of course this is really frustrating. But we’ve seen this happen in other countries in the beginning, too. Hopefully, it’ll subside once the people lose interest.”

According to the directorate, the radar stations’ damaged cameras will be repaired as soon as possible. In addition, all cases of vandalism have already been reported to the police.

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Speed traps make roads safer
The radar traps are intended to enforce the Danish speed limits more efficiently, thereby ensuring greater safety measures, which many Danes have demanded.

Apparently, vandals don’t seem to realise that “about half of all traffic accidents in Denmark are speed-related,”according to Mogens Kjærgaard Møller, the head of the council for safe traffic.

A total of 3,318 casualties were the result of road traffic accidents in 2017.