Danish police lack resources to clamp down on burqa-wearers

‘Pressing matters’ have prevented police from apprehending offenders

The enforcement of the government’s recent controversial law banning certain types of face coverings seems to be turning into a bit of a farce.

Although 88 reports have been submitted to the police regarding the contravention of the new law banning the public wearing of certain types of religious headgear, hats, hoodies, masks and false beards, only 11 people have been charged, DR Nyheder reports.

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This was revealed in an answer given to a parliamentary committee by the justice minister, Søren Pape Poulsen, in response to a question tabled by Dansk Folkeparti’s Peter Kofod.

I see no burqas
In 19 cases police were unable to respond because “at the time, other tasks were considered more pressing”. Several other potential felons have escaped because the police estimated that the opportunity for an arrest had been missed.

In another 16 cases, dispatched police patrols were unable to locate anyone who was concealing their face.

In a single instance, the police on the scene decided that the covering was legitimate.

So far, since August 1 charges have only been brought in 11 cases.