New time-limited parking zones coming into effect in Copenhagen

Areas in Nordvest, Valby and Islands Brygge to get three-hour parking limits

At the end of next month, three districts in Copenhagen will see new parking rules incorporated as the city continues its struggle to clamp down on parking congestion.

From November 28, the three districts of Nordvest, Valby and Islands Brygge will have time-limited parking zones ushered in. These are all areas that see a high volume of car traffic from commuters looking to park for free as close to the city as possible.

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Cutting out commuters
The development has led to residents with parking permits in the areas having a difficult time finding parking space near their homes.

The new three-hour zones aim to make it less attractive for outside commuters to leave their cars in the areas, while local residents and business owners can apply for a parking licence that makes them exempt from the new rule.

Residents and business owners impacted by the forthcoming change will be notified digitally via E-boks. Check out the three new time-limited parking zones below.