Best seen in (That Theatre) company

A foggy marshland, an isolated house and a ghost seeking revenge for her dead child …

The stage play ‘The Woman in Black’ is an immaculate example of Gothic horror that builds to its climax with the slow purposeful precision of an Edwardian clock.

One of the West End’s longest-running plays, ‘The Woman in Black’ has been terrifying audiences in London since 1989, and now the shuddersome ghost story is returning to Krudttønden to chill the flesh of even the most hardened of Copenhagen’s horror fanatics – just in time for Halloween!

Exorcism in the theatre
The blood-freezing plot sees Arthur Kipps, a middle-aged solicitor, hiring a professional actor to help him re-enact and – hopefully – exorcise a ghostly event that befell him many years earlier with horrifyingly tragic results.

Originally based on a 1983 published book by English author Susan Hill, the novel has since been adapted many times and into many genres – in 2012, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe starred in a Hollywood film adaptation in which he took on the role of Kipps.

Three words of advice
In Copenhagen, director Barry McKenna and actors Ian Burns, Benjamin Stender and Christina Hildebrandt from the English-language That Theatre Company are taking on the task of presenting one of the most successful thriller plays ever written.

That Theatre has only one mission in mind: to scare the living daylight out of their audiences. Before taking the stage, the company has issued a warning: “Whatever you do – Don’t. Come. Alone!”