Performance Review: Puccini opera saves the best til last


Opera-goers can experience a tear-jerking, tragic romance this autumn as a classical rendition of ‘La Boheme’ takes the stage at Copenhagen’s waterfront Opera House.

The famed opera was in Italian and translated into Danish. Otherwise, the actors’ body language and emotionally-loaded solos fill the language gaps. Nevertheless, it’s advised that English-speakers without knowledge of this opera should rely on online synopses to bring them up to speed with the story.

Fitting locale
The opera, written in 1895 by Giacomo Puccini, details the the ups and downs of Bohemian life on the outskirts of Paris in the late 1800s.

‘La Bohme’ details the tragic love stories of two couples with central themes of falling in and out of love, jealousy and contempt.

The topic is particularly relevant as the Opera House is just under 2 km from Christiania where Bohemian life has thrived for over half a century.

The rendition was accentuated by costumes true to the opera’s time period and it bursts at the seams with operatic talent.

Of the opera two powerhouse couples, Rodolfo and Mimi (Cristina Pisarou and Niels Jørgen Reis) were the standout, delivering dramatic, passionate performances.

Really felt like Christmas
The show’s performances are accentuated by tastefully rendered sets.

The last set of the first act is particularly stunning, taking place in a cafe at Christmas. Like something out of a Hollywood movie, the cafe has towering white walls and nooks and crannies glittering with false snow.

With a more detail-orientated eye, stuffed ducks and geese can be seen in the right upper corner of the display windows adorned with fluffy hats (even the birds couldn’t escape the class of this cafe).

The actors, set, costumes and the opera house itself provided a wonderful performance and an aesthetically rich evening. For an evening of drama and excitement, ‘La Boheme’ really delivers.