Denmark’s biggest music festivals announce first acts for 2019

Travis Scott, Major Lazer, Bon Iver, Minds of 99 and Alma among the performers heading to Roskilde and NorthSide next year

Two of Denmark’s biggest summer music festivals, Roskilde and NorthSide, have announced their first acts for next year, and there are already some big names to look out for.

Travis Scott, Major Lazer, Bon Iver, Minds of 99 and Alma will have many eager festival-goers in the Nordic countries, and further beyond, thumbing through their 2019 calendars with anticipation.

Rapping on Roskilde’s door
Hip-hop giant Travis Scott (US) will grace Roskilde 2019 with his uniquely psychedelic and melodic take on modern rap. Scott was the fourth most requested artist by Roskilde-goers in a recent poll.

Scott broke into the scene in 2015 with his groundbreaking album Rodeo and has stayed a key figure in hip-hop since. His most recent album, ASTROWORLD, breaks from the conventions set in his previous work, opting for jarring shifts and rough sounds.

Scott will be joined by Danish pop trio Scarlett Pleasure (Den). The group, formed in 2013, have roots in soul, funk and pop.

With other confirmed acts include Alma (Fin), Blawan (UK) and Julia Holter (US), with many, many more to come.

Northside: not to be outdone
Northside, meanwhile, has announced three major acts: Major Lazer (US), Bon Iver (US) and The Minds of 99 (Den).

Nobody writes a summer hit better than Major Lazer, an American EDM behemoth consisting of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. They attract crowds no matter where they go are and are sure to put on a great performance.

The Minds of 99 gave a fantastic concert at Roskilde 2018 and will now head ‘North’ in 2019. Minds of 99 is a Danish pop-punk band formed in 2012 that has been steadily moving towards national stardom.

Other acts of note include The Streets (UK), Lydmor (Den) and Cautious Clay (US).

Denmark’s biggest
Roskilde Festival (June 29-July 6), which was founded in 1971, attracts 160,000 people every year from around Europe. All its earnings are donated to charity.

The younger of the two festivals, Northside in Aarhus, was founded in 2010. However, it has been gaining steam steadily, with 40,000 people in attendance each day.