Fried chicken for everybody! KFC to quadruple the number of its outlets

Many new arrivals to Denmark are often disappointed by the lack of restaurants selling juicy legs, thighs and wings

It’s often remarked upon how few fried chicken joints there are in Denmark.

Sure, everybody tends to know where there’s a KFC, but given there are only nine in the country, few go to them regularly and include them on their takeaway option list.

In contrast, London has numerous chains, and fried chicken is right up there with the kebab and burger as the nation’s favourite fast-food takeaway.

25 new outlets
But all of that might be able to change following the news that KFC intends to open 25 new outlets across the country over the next year.

Marco Schepers, the general manager for the US chain in Denmark, explained that KFC sees “great potential” – although many might be asking: “What took them so long?”

“Already last year we had a 20 percent revenue increase and we would like to increase even more,” he said following the opening of a new restaurant in Vejle, which has generated 40 new jobs in the Jutland city.

KFC has set itself a target of increasing its turnover from 60 to 500 million kroner a year.