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Singing, jamming and jigging at Copenhagen’s Irish Festival – 40 years old this week

Irish music is at the heart of the country’s culture and history, keeping its traditions alive and vital whilst appealing to audiences on a global scale.

One of Europe’s most international capitals, Copenhagen, has thus been host to a colourful, ostentatious celebration of Ireland for almost four decades.

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This year, the Copenhagen Irish Festival will be a particularly special event as it will mark its 40th anniversary at Kulturstationen Vanløse between November 2 and 3.

Expect nothing but the best
The line-up consists of four of the best singers and bands on Ireland’s current music scene who, over the past three decades, have enriched traditional Irish music with their talents, interpretations and songwriting.

The band Dervish, with the established Cathy Jordan on the mic, and the 13-studio-album-heavy ‘Altan’ will be contrasted by sol performances from Karan Casey, famous for her work in ‘The Seamaiden: The Celtic Musical’, as well as the award-winning Cara Dillon.

Join jam and jig
In addition to the music acts, the Irish Festival also offers free film and coffee afternoons as well as a chance for both amateur and professional musicians to join open jam sessions at the Irish Festival Café.

And those willing to learn the Irish jig shouldn’t miss the Irish Dance Ball – known as ‘céilí’ in Gaelic – where the Dark Green School of Irish together with the Copenhagen Irish Set Dancers will offer instruction and a helping hand from their most experienced dancers.