S-trains hit by industrial action this morning

Once again long-suffering commuters had to resort to contingency plans to get to work

The S-train network was paralysed by a work stoppage by drivers at around 07:00 this morning. All trains were affected, as most of the drivers left to attend a union meeting.

The dispute came about as a result of a breakdown in negotiations between DSB and the Dansk Jernbaneforbund railway union on October 31, reports DR Nyheder.

Back on track
However, by around 09:30 trains were beginning to run again, although DSB pointed out it would take some time for completely normal services to be resumed.

To start with, trains will only be running at 20-minute intervals on most lines, although 10-minute services will run on the E and F lines. DSB expects full timetables to be resumed during the afternoon in time for the rush hour.

Every day, an estimated 350,000 people use the S-train network.

Reducing shop steward numbers
Among other things, the union is dissatisfied with a proposal from DSB to reduce the number of shop stewards from 99 to 29.

“DSB is trying to become the first state employer in recent Danish history to do  without shop stewards. In their eagerness to attain this goal, they have forgotten to give proper notice to the shop stewards who are employed under civil service (tjenestemand) contracts,” the union said in a message to members on Friday.

DSB has condemned the move as an illegal work-stoppage.